While you are at the gym, yoga studio or dance hall looking after your body, you also want to be looking after your skin. Sweat and grim is going to build up on your skin, while you are working on those muscles, which can cause acne and blackheads if not treated correctly. To make sure your skin stays as flawless as your bod, here is a guide to the perfect workout skin routine.


Before Your Workout


Working out with makeup on is a big no-no. Sweat, bacteria and grim will mix with your makeup and any dead skin cells, which will clog your pores, making them inflamed and infected, resulting in blind or regular pimples.


Rather remove all of your makeup by using a cotton pad that has been soaked in a micellar water solution. This cleanser will sufficiently remove your makeup without removing the moisture from your skin. If you do not have the time for a proper cleanse, simply remove your makeup with makeup removing wipes.


After Your Workout


The perspiration and oil buildup that is left on your skin from a workout can leave you in danger of a serious breakout. If you don’t shower straight after a gym session, make sure you at least wash your face immediately after exercising.


Use a gentle cleanser that won’t dry out your skin to wash your face. When your skin is clean, splash some cool water on your face. Besides helping to cool you down after exercising, the cool water will help close the pores of the skin, after they have dilated to release sweat during your workout.


Pat your face dry, rather than wiping it down, as wiping can irritate the skin and further contribute to your post-workout flushed look. Finish off the routine by applying a light moisturizer and a sunscreen, on which your makeup can be reapplied.

If you do not have the time for this full after workout routine, the most important step to never skip is to remove the sweat and oil buildup from your face after exercising. Invest in carrying cleansing facial wipes in your gym bag for occasions when you are in a rush or will not have access to a sink.

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