It’s an exciting time to be alive.

We know that organic products are better for us and the planet; organic cotton reduces toxic chemical use; organic ingredients nourish skin instead of stripping it.

So we’ve put together our top ten tips to help you get that organic, dewy glow:

1. Drink plenty of water. This is key for overall health and glowing skin.

2. Eat a balanced diet rich in organic fruits and vegetables. Your skin will thank you!

3. Use a good quality organic moisturiser two or three times a day. Just remember to apply organic SPF 20 every morning!

4. Get your essential fatty acids from organic cold-pressed oils, especially flax, hemp and evening primrose. We love organic coconut oil too!

5. Eat organic raw chocolate – yes, really! It’s full of micronutrients and organic antioxidants.

6. Look out for organic beauty in your local organic food store or organic health shop. Follow the three R’s: buy organic, wash it off and recycle! This way you’ll reduce your exposure to chemicals that can get into our waterways through the skin.

7. Wear organic fabrics such as organic cotton or flax linen. They allow your skin to breathe, and you’ll look and feel great!

8. Use organic cotton wool pads and organic cotton buds when removing your make-up. This helps reduce the amount of chemicals absorbed through the skin.

9. Take a detox bath once a week with organic baking soda or organic herbs like lavender or organic lemon balm.

10. Use organic essential oils in a diffuser or organic skin care products. Try organic eucalyptus to cleanse and purify the air, organic spearmint to uplift and organic lavender for calming and a good night’s sleep!